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Student stories: Stow High School Drama Club busy with production, fundraising for Scotland trip

By Alizabeth Christian student blogger

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Christmas Carol 2
Theresa Liebhart, playing the Ghost of Christmas Present, (left) and Alex Toth, playing Ebeneezer Scrooge, perform a scene from A Christmas Carol on Saturday night. ( staff photo)

Bringing stories to life through acting, singing and dancing is the job of the Stow-Munroe Falls Drama Club.

But the for the next few months, the members of the club will also focus their attention to fundraising.

The Drama Club is looking raise nearly $6,000 to fund a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland to perform in the Fringe Festival next summer. Stow High School is the only high school in Ohio nominated to attend the festival.

“The Drama Club was specifically nominated to participate in this event,” said Robert Putka, Drama Club director. “We are one in 50 schools to be invited to Edinburgh. It truly is an honor.”

The Fringe Festival is a yearly event that displays productions constructed by thespians originating from all over the world. It is one of the largest festivals held in Scotland.

The Edinburgh Theater will be the center of entertainment, consisting of multiple productions preformed by high schools from America, Canada and Scotland.

If enough money is raised, the Stow High School Drama Club will perform four shows at the festival over the course of several days. The trip to Scotland will begin on Aug. 9 and end on Aug 23.

“Our goal is to raise as much money as possible,” Putka said. “I would love for these students to be able to experience this opportunity.”

Performing isn’t the only thing scheduled for this potential visit. Throughout the trip, students will be given the opportunity to board a train from London to Edinburgh. Museums, touring various cities of Scotland and witnessing other productions will be at the top of the agenda of the trip.

Currently, 11 of the 30 Drama Club members are planning on making the trip. Putka encourages others who are interested to become involved.

“This will be an opportunity of a lifetime,” sophomore Lane Hedler said. “Everyone participating will always remember this adventure.”

However, students will not be able to take part in this overseas festival if they don’t raise the estimated $5,996.The SMFHS Drama Club will be raising money for the trip to Scotland until the spring of 2013. Deadlines for the funds will be nearing towards that time.

Drama Club members can also be seen around school selling candy bars, coupon books, coupon cards to help raise funds for the trip. The club is also taking a more creative approach to their fundraising efforts, like seeking donations during the recent senior class play, A Christmas Carol.

The club members raised more than $600 during intermission of the Saturday performance.  

Club members will also host a few fundraising events, including the upcoming singing contest named Stow Idol on Nov. 30 and an informal winter dance on Dec. 1.