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Stow residents maintain city council members, elect two new for school board

By Heather Beyer correspondent

STOW: Residents choose to have councilman John Pribonic, Mike Rasor and Brian D'Antonio return to the positions on City Council, and selected  two new members for the Board of Education on Tuesday.

D'Antonio, 43, is a network and general manager and also served on the city's charter review commission in 2010. Pribonic, 52, is an Acme Fresh Market store director.

He served on the Stow-Munroe Falls Board of Education from 2002 to 2007, was a Ward 3 Councilor for two terms, 2008 to 2011, and is completing a first term as an at-large member.

Rasor is a business attorney with Cavitch, Familo & Durkin Co., L.P.A. in Cleveland.

Rasor said the three most important issues for the city are: balancing the budget, repairing neighborhood roads, and economic development.

“My focus in the next term will be to balance the city budget by cutting unnecessary expenditures and freeing up money for road repair,” Rasor said.
Other races

Ward 1

Matt Riel, 30, ran unopposed in Ward.  Riel, 30, is a consultant, and will now begin his fourth term.

Ward 2

James Costello, 65, defeated challenger Joanne Gross for Ward 2 representative. Costello is the current council president, and has represented the ward for 10 years.

Ward 3

Brian Lowdermilk defeated his opposition Kelly Toppin for the Ward 3 seat. Lowdermilk is a MACtac district sales manager and has served as the Summit County Fair Board director.

Ward 4

Bob Adaska, 58, was uncontested in Ward 4. Councilwoman Mary Bednar's petitions were rejected in July and the Summit County Board of Elections disqualified her from running as a write-in candidate.

School board

After a close race, the Board of Education will have two new members.

Summit County Board of Election results showed Patricia Matthews and Geraldine Bettio defeated challengers David R. Egan, David A. Licate, Bob Rainey and incumbent and current board president Karen Wright.

 Bettio, 70, has been a Stow resident for 44 years and has been an active member in the community, attending school board meetings and city council meetings.

"It's important that we the taxpayers have accountability to what the school is spending," Bettio said. "Primarily, we need to focus on the education, not only those who are college bound but those who need technical help."

Matthews, 71, is a retired schoolteacher who served on the school board from 2008 to 2012.
She said that she would like to see the district an provide all-day kindergarten.

"With the new mandates coming up, I think that it is imperative that we have all of our children at the same level being educated," Matthews said.

Matthews added that she believes she has the experience that could be helpful to the school district and would like to be involved as it faces new changes in education.