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Stow City Council addresses request by Redmon Funeral Home

By Heather Beyer correspondent

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Stow City Council is reviewing a request by Redmon Funeral Home to allow their business to add equipment for cremations. (Heather Beyer/

STOW: City Council reviewed a request Thursday made by Redmon Funeral Home to allow their business to add equipment for cremations.

Residents who live near the funeral home are against the proposed legislation.

Jeremy McIntire, Stow resident who lives on Darrow Road across the street from the funeral home, addressed his concerns about pollution. He read section four of a resolution council adopted in July 2008.

The resolution urged the Mittal Steel Cleveland Works Facility to develop and implement effective pollution prevention programs. This resolution was adopted and declared to be an emergency measure necessary for the preservation of the public health and safety.

No action was taken on the item as it requires multiple readings and a public hearing before a vote can be taken on the issue. The public hearing for this item is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 10.

In July, Keith Redmon, of Redmon Funeral Home, said he made his decision to withdraw the request for the proposed legislation after meeting with Mayor Sara Drew. He said residents needed more information on the subject to feel comfortable with the request.

In a statement issued on July 2, Keith Redmon said, "We are not willing to subject the grieving families we serve to the planned activities that have been threatened, nor are we willing to jeopardize the reputation we’ve built over 44 years in this community. Additionally, we appreciate the vast majority of neighbors and residents who support our efforts to further invest in and expand our services here.”

Keith Redmon also said they were unaware they had the option to postpone their request at the time they withdrew it in July. The family placed the item back on the agenda in September.

Lou-Ann Redmon again addressed residents and council at the Oct. 25 meeting about the funeral home’s reasons for wanting to offer the cremation service. 

“This issue is a very emotional one and I want you to know that it is an emotional one for us as well,” Lou-Ann Redmon said. “Cremation is a personal family decision, but it is also a normal function of a funeral home. The decisions that we make should not be made emotionally, but only by fact.”