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Bunsen burner causes gas leak scare at Stow High School

By Heather Beyer correspondent

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Stow-Munroe Falls High School (Deanna Stevens Ulrich/

STOW: Superintendent Russ Jones and Stow-Munroe Falls High School Principal Chris DiMauro exited Wednesday’s Safety Committee meeting early because of a reported gas leak at the high school.

Jones and DiMauro responded to a custodian’s concern of the gas smell coming from one of the science labs.

The custodial staff and school officials discovered that a bunsen burner was left on in one of the science labs.  A bunsen burner is a common piece of lab equipment used in science courses that produces a single open gas flame.

The burner was turned off and the science lab windows were aired out.

Everything is secure in the building and school will proceed as scheduled on Thursday, school officials said.