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Stow's Summer Sunset Blast closes the season with a bang

By Heather Beyer correspondent

STOW: The city's Summer Sunset Blast is an opportunity to bid the summer farewell and look forward to fall.

Residents are invited to bring their summer to a close from 5-11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday at Silver Springs Park, 5238 Young Road.

The Summer Sunset Blast has become an annual tradition in the city and a popular celebration among residents.

"Each year, thousands of folks attend this event," said Linda Nahrstedt, director of Parks and Recreation. "Even in a rainstorm last year, there were thousands.”

There is something for everyone at the blast inflatables, games, music, food, beer, wine and a dazzling display of fireworks sponsored by Highpoint Lawn Services.

Friday night at 9:15 p.m., families can watch the movie "Despicable Me" under the stars on the park lawn.

"This is a nice outdoor family community event that will put a smile on your face," Nahrstedt said. "It’s simple fun – great food, great entertainment, family and community time together, and it’s free."

Residents flock to the park each year to see the night sky lit up with brilliant, sparkling fireworks.

"The fireworks show is definitely a highpoint for this event," Nahrstedt said. "Its nice to see our community enjoying it so much. But my favorite aspect is seeing everyone come together, the sense of community, be it the vendors, attendees or workers."

For more information about Summer Sunset Blast visit the city’s website,