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Stow City Council will address controversial Redmon legislation tonight

By Heather Beyer Published: December 9, 2012
Residents who live near Redmon Funeral Home have placed signs in their yard in opposition to the business's request to allow cremation services. (Heather Beyer/

Stow City Council will vote on legislation that has sparked debate within the community at a public hearing on Monday at 5:30 p.m. in council chambers.

Council will review a request made by the Redmon Funeral Home to allow cremation equipment to be utilized in their business. 

Residents that live near the funeral home are opposed to the legislation. 

According to Keith Redmon, the funeral home wants to be able offer cremation services to families.

Currently, families seeking cremation services have to look outside of the community.

If approved, the Redmon Funeral Home would be the only funeral home in Stow able to provide cremation services.

There are two funeral homes operating in Stow: the Redmon Funeral Home and the Dunn-Quigley Funeral Home.

On Oct. 25, Joan Lash addressed council and asked them to consider what they would do if a crematorium was going to be installed in their neighborhood and if that would that change their vote.

 “If you don’t want it near your family, why would you force it on someone else,” Lash said.

In an email statement on Oct. 25, councilman Mike Rasor said, “We heard from an air-quality expert, who spoke of particulate matter, or ash, being emitted from the crematory. I would not be OK with that particulate matter migrating into my back yard. For that reason, I stand with the residents who live on Marhofer, Williamson and Darrow. I will fight for them.”