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PAWSibilities rummage sale touches many hearts

By Heather Beyer/ correspondent Published: August 19, 2012
rummage sale 4
Patrons enter the rummage sale this weekend in order to support the Humane Society of Greater Akron. (Heather Beyer/

STOW: Hundreds of people showed their support for the PAWSibilities Rummage Sale held over the weekend at the Stow-Kent Shopping Plaza.

Patrons of the Humane Society of Greater Akron and animal lovers from the area donated used and new household items that were sold at the sale, and 100 percent of the proceeds went directly to help rescue and find homes for the animals living in the shelter.
“When we opened [on Friday] we had 200 people waiting to get in and we could only let 75 people in at a time so there were people who waited for two hours just to come in the front door,” said Sherryl Owen, co-chair for the rummage sale.
Owen said there were many repeat customers and they even had someone come back five times in one day.
Kathy Kraft, volunteer of the year for the Humane Society in 2011, is an adoption councilor at the shelter.
Kraft said that fundraising events like the PAWibilites rummage sale are important because of the medical costs it takes to care for the animals in the shelter.
“Our medical costs are unbelievable,” Kraft said.
It was evident from the moment customers walked into the door that this event was all about the animals.
Pictures of adoptable pets were hung on walls for patrons to see.
“The animals are neglected, abandoned and abused,” Owen said. “They really didn’t do anything to be that way.”
The Humane Society is a full-service shelter that helps repair each animal in their care mentally and physically to have them ready for adoption and ultimately find a home, Kraft said.
Kraft said she enjoys the rare times she gets to hear how an adopted animal is doing after it leaves the shelter. 
“We get to see the animals leave and go to this fantastic home, but we never get to hear what happens afterword,” Kraft said.
On Saturday, a family who adopted a dog named Tanner from the shelter visited Kraft and they shared how he was doing and how happy everyone was.
Fundraising totals are still being calculated. By Saturday afternoon, fundraising efforts reported to reach $15,000 at the sale.